2024 Primary School Tour Schedule

Western Victoria

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Term 1

It's a Mad World PDHPE. 'Persistence = Learning.' Drama/Mime/Circus Skills 6 Mar to 7 Mar

Term 2

Reggae Rockin' Grandad Different Music, terms and genres 1 May to 2 May
Shekere Beats LOTE HSIE SOSE - Music, Rhymes & Stories of Africa 4 Jun to 5 Jun

Term 3

Sussing out Our Solar System Science STEAM 29 Aug to 30 Aug
Let's Chat Habitat Science - Environment 29 Aug to 30 Aug
Let's STAMP Out Bullying Strategies to deal with Bullies 29 Aug to 30 Aug
Aussie Kids Rock Dynamic Lively Music History Show 17 Sep to 18 Sep
Musica y Risa Music History European Culture 17 Sep to 18 Sep
Rock-It! Dynamic Lively Music History 17 Sep to 18 Sep

Term 4

A Slice Of Vaudeville Magic Ventriloquism Circus Skills 24 Oct to 25 Oct
Heave Ho Off We Go Ventriloquism - Illusions - Circus Skills - Illusions 24 Oct to 25 Oct
Beats 'n Pieces Music Cultural Digitech 24 Oct to 25 Oct
Scott's BMX Trick Bike Show PDHPE Circus - Encouraging Kids to be active 14 Nov to 15 Nov
I Have a Story To Tell Promoting imaginative story Telling for Preps to 2 20 Nov to 21 Nov