Queensland 2024 Primary School Tour Schedule

Darling Downs

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ShowDescriptionTerm 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
A Slice Of Vaudeville Magic Ventriloquism Circus Skills
All Hands On Ukes Music Workshop - Everyone creating Music
Ananse Stories African Culture Music LOTE HSIE SOSE
Beats 'n Pieces Music Cultural Digitech
Brilliant at Being Resilient Resilience PDHPE ANTI-Bullying Drama Puppetry
Crossing Bridges English Poetry Literacy Drama
Didjeribone Aboriginal Studies, Music Traditional & Modern
From Halfway Around The World HSIE Drama English
Googabinj Aboriginal Studies, Dance, Artefacts, Participation
Heave Ho Off We Go Ventriloquism - Illusions - Circus Skills - Illusions
It's a Mad World PDHPE. 'Persistence = Learning.' Drama/Mime/Circus Skills
Let's Chat Habitat Science - Environment
Let's STAMP Out Bullying Strategies to deal with Bullies
Live From The Larynx The incredible Tom Thum - Music - Beatboxing
Look How We've Changed Science changing the way we live
Making Friends Resilience - Anti-Bllying - PDHPE - Drama
Pass the Poetry Please Poetry Dynamically brought to life - Literacy Drama
Pick a Peck of Pickled Poems Poetry visual & Lively - English Literacy Drama
Rap Rhyme and Rocking Poetry Working collectively - Creating & Performing
Reggae Rockin' Grandad Different Music, terms and genres
Scott's BMX Trick Bike Show PDHPE Circus - Encouraging Kids to be active
Shekere Beats LOTE HSIE SOSE - Music, Rhymes & Stories of Africa
Sussing out Our Solar System Science STEAM
The Ring of Rhythm PDHPE - Working together to create
To Be Or What To Be Literacy English PDHPE Illusions
Wake Up And Read Literacy English PDHPE - How I learnt to read
What's The Joke Working collectively to Create Poetry