2022 Primary School Tour Schedule

North Queensland Area

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Term 1

Before You Know It, You'll Be a Poet Poetry English Literacy Drama Various Dates in Feb & Mar
My Friends and I Resilience Anti-Bullying PDHPE Drama Various Dates in Feb & Mar
Then and Now History HSIE Drama Various Dates in Feb & Mar

Term 2

Ghana Beat My Drum African Culture Music HSIE LOTE SOSE Various Dates in June
It's a Mad World Drama Mime Circus Skills PD 26 May to 1 Jun

Term 3

Cyber Wiser Strategies that build confidence & prevent bullying Various Dates in August
Teach Your Dinosaurs Science Science STEAM Various Dates in August
Circular Circus Maths STEAM Drama Circus Skills 25 Jul to 29 Jul
The Super Science Circus Show STEAM Circus Skills Science 25 Jul to 29 Jul
Wadjiny Indigenous History & Culture Music SOSE HSIE 26 Aug to 30 Aug

Term 4

Ananse Stories African Culture Music LOTE HSIE SOSE Various Dates in November
Beats 'n Pieces Music Cultural Digitech Various Dates in November
Scott's BMX Trick Bike Show PDHPE Circus Various Dates in October