Queensland 2021 Primary School Tour Schedule

Wide Bay Area

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ShowDescriptionTerm 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
A Slice Of Vaudeville Magic Drama Ventriloquism Circus Skills
Ananse Stories African Culture Music LOTE HSIE SOSE
Attack of the Plastic Time Monsters Science SOSE HSIE Drama Sustainability
Beats 'n Pieces Music Cultural Digitech
Before You Know It, You'll Be a Poet Poetry English Literacy Drama
Big Tops Circus PDHPE Drama Circus skills
Brilliant at Being Resilient PDHPE Anti-Bullying Drama Puppetry
Circular Circus Maths STEAM Drama Circus Skills
Cyber Wiser Strategies that build confidence & prevent bullying
Didjeribone Music - Aboriginal & Torres Strait- STEM
Didjeribone Music Workshop Aboriginal TSI History HSIE STEM Workshop
From Halfway Around The World HSIE Drama English
Heave Ho Off We Go Magic Drama Ventriloquism Circus Skills
Let The Music Move You Music Drama
Let's Chat Habitat HSIE Drama Science Sustainability
Let's STAMP Out Bullying Anti-Bullying PDHPE Drama
Making Friends Anti-Bullying PDHPE Drama
Musica y Risa Music History European Culture
My Friends and I Anti-Bullying PDHPE Drama
Quest for The Ultimate Rhythm Music Dance Drama Culture
Rock-It! Music History
Scott's BMX Trick Bike Show PDHPE Circus
Shekere Beats African Culture Music HSIE LOTE SOSE
Stretch, Balance and Spin PDHPE Drama Circus skills
Surf Safari Music History Culture HSIE Sustainability
Sussing out Our Solar System Science STEAM
Teach Your Dinosaurs Science Science STEAM
The Super Science Circus Show STEAM Circus Skills Science
Then and Now History HSIE Drama
To Federation And Beyond History HSIE SOSE Music
Wadjiny Indigenous History & Culture Music SOSE HSIE
We're All Australians Now History HSIE SOSE Music
Zohab Zee Khan - Virtual Workshop Poetry Literacy