Western Australia 2019 Primary School Tour Schedule

South West Corner

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Term 1

Brilliant at Being Resilient Be proud of who you are, there is no one else like you 25 Feb to 7 Mar
G'Day Asia An interactive, mini spectacular Asian experience 25 Feb to 7 Mar
Pick a Peck of Pickled Poems Poetry without the boring bits 25 Feb to 7 Mar

Term 2

Shekere Beats Experience the rhythms and stories of Africa 17 Jun to 28 Jun

Term 3

3 Experiments That Changed The World Fun, hands-on exploration into science 26 Aug to 6 Sep
Great Galaxies Bring the Solar System into your school 26 Aug to 6 Sep
Out Of The Bag Fractured fairy tales - Puppets - The importance of friends 26 Aug to 6 Sep

Term 4

It's a Mad World Meet Mr Sure & Mr Shy - Amazing Juggling, Balancing, Comedy 11 Nov to 22 Nov