Western Australia 2018 Primary School Tour Schedule

South West Corner

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Term 1

My Friends And I Offers clear strategies to avoid bullying 19 Feb to 2 Mar
Pass The Poetry Please Poetry - Past & Present, Dynamic & Visual 19 Feb to 2 Mar
Too Cool For Bullies Teaching tactics to deal with bullies 19 Feb to 2 Mar

Term 2

Moz's Monster Music Mix 1600's to now, Baroque - Classical - Jazz - Blues - Rock 'n' Roll - Hip Hop 9 May to 22 May

Term 3

The Mathy Matt Show Evoking a passion for mathematics 30 Jul to 10 Aug

Term 4

Aussie Allsorts Exploring the different cultures and ethnic diversity of Australia 26 Nov to 6 Dec
Scien-tastic A fun filled show with scientific outcomes 26 Nov to 6 Dec