South Australia 2018 Primary School Tour Schedule


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Term 1

Great Galaxies Bring the Solar System into your school 9 Mar to 16 Mar
Out Of The Bag Fractured fairy tales - Puppets - The importance of friends 9 Mar to 16 Mar
Get To Know Asia A vividly colourful, very hands on, Asian experience 13 Mar to 16 Mar
Making Friends Strategies to deal with bullies and make new friends 13 Mar to 16 Mar
Circular Circus A mathematical concept circus 3 Apr to 13 Apr
Heidi Hodeo's Circus Rodeo The most imaginative, funniest, Cowgirl Show in town 3 Apr to 13 Apr

Term 2

Brilliant at Being Resilient Be proud of who you are, there is no one else like you Various Dates in June
From Halfway Around The World Compares the life of children from different countries Various Dates in June
Pick a Peck of Pickled Poems Poetry without the boring bits Various Dates in June
Circus of Life Using your resilience when things go wrong 4 Jun to 13 Jun
Street Sense Important Road Safety messages with astounding circus skills 4 Jun to 13 Jun
You Can Do It Too Amazing juggling feats with a positive 'have a go' message 4 Jun to 13 Jun
Musica y Risa 'Music and Laughter' European music history & culture 13 Jun to 21 Jun
One Stop Rock Shop Disco/Jazz/Punk/Reggae & audience participation 13 Jun to 21 Jun
Rock-It! Hip Hop/Country/Blues & audience involvement 13 Jun to 21 Jun
Australian Folklore An entertaining look at Australia's heroes & legends 21 Jun to 2 Jul
To Federation And Beyond Gold Rush, Bush Rangers & Australia today 21 Jun to 2 Jul

Term 3

Look How We've Changed Science & Technology - changing the way we live 13 Aug to 24 Aug
STAMP Out Bullying Anti-bullying & peer support 13 Aug to 24 Aug
Moz's Monster Music Mix Music from the 1600's to Hip Hop 3 Sep to 12 Sep
The Labyrinth in the Library Adventure into the imaginative world of books 5 Sep to 10 Sep
The Starship Stowaway Action space adventure solving an environmental dilemma 5 Sep to 10 Sep
It's a Mad World Meet Mr Sure & Mr Shy - Amazing Juggling, Balancing, Comedy 12 Sep to 21 Sep

Term 4

A Slice Of Vaudeville Magic, Ventriloquism & the importance of friendship 5 Nov to 7 Nov
Heave Ho Off We Go Stimulate the mind with these amazing illusions 5 Nov to 7 Nov
The Mathy Matt Show Evoking a passion for mathematics 7 Nov to 9 Nov
Ghana Beat My Drum Musical, Cultural and Physical look at Ghana 14 Nov to 21 Nov
Shekere Beats Experience the rhythms and stories of Africa 14 Nov to 21 Nov
The Bremen Town Musicians Shows how cooperating & working together gets results 20 Nov to 23 Nov
The Little Bad Wolf Positive ways to deal with bullying 20 Nov to 23 Nov